Sunday, October 17, 2010

For those wondering...

Why have the blogs stopped and where has Bailey been. Bay passed away from congestive heart failure three weeks after her 8th birthday. She is greatly missed!!

I have a new rescue bulldog "Lil Red Camaro" "Cami" and we're having our own fun times. If you are on facebook please do a "Like" on cami's page:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pwaying at da MINI store!!

I wanna buy a MINI, but mommie says dat I hab to be at weast 7 to hab one. She doesn't fink dat I can get a dribers license yet! I fink dat I could dough! It's a small car! I fink dat my toes will touch da petals and i know dat I can see out da windows because da car is short!!

I wanted a piece ob cake too, but mommie told me no to dat too! I didn't weally fink dat was very fair, but I didn't hab a choice!
Da best dat I could do, besides wots and wots ob scritches on my ears (I lub it when people scritch behind my ears!!!) was getting my picture taken! Mommie held me and I tried to be calm, but I was just too wiggly excited to be calm!! See dat picture ob da blue MINI in da background ob da first picture! Dat is going to be my first MINI! I fink dat I want a blue one!!
I'm almost sure ob it. Unless it's red. Den I'm not so sure!!
I had a great time wiff all my friends dough! I lub going to Ralph Schomp MINI to pway wiff my fwiends!
Your pal,

Monday, February 18, 2008

We took a ride!!

Mommie and I were out running some errands so we decided to stop by Ralph Schomp to drop off a toy for Shelly!! I lub going dere because dey hab so many nice people dere and dey lub to pet me!! How could I eber say no to a great scritch on da neck??? Shelly asked if I could get up on da counter so dat she could take a picture. So, I was wifted up and den I had to try to be calm, but I was so dang excited dat it just didn't work!! Shelly took my picture, den I got to get off and run around again!! We stayed for a few minutes, den we weft. We had to go to petsmart! Mommy owed me some toys for all dat I've been through!

My weg wooks much better! I still need to grow some hair back, but ober den dat it wooks good! Da incision is healed and I'm only walking wiff a limp now! My next trip back to da doctor is in a month!

Froggie is good! (mostly)

Your pal,


Sunday, February 17, 2008

I finally got all dose staples out!!!

Twenty five staples held my boo-boo together!! I finally got dem all out!! At first I was weally excited to hab dem out, den my weg started to hurt a widdle bit and I didn't wike putting my weg down. Da doctor said dat it was okay. I just wasn't used to da pressure dat I would feel now dat da staples aren't dere to hold together my incision.

I am walking better now and twice I eben tried to wun!! Da only fing dat I was a widdle sad about was dat I didn't get to go to da MINI event yesterday. I usually get to be mommie's co-pilot, but it was going to be too much walking and wots ob people so I had to stay home. I wasn't weally happy about dat. Especially when I found out dat one of my bully fwiends was dere!

My boo-boo wooks pretty good! Da only fing dat is bad about dat is dat I don't get anymore ribeyes. I do kinda miss dat part ob dis recovery period!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I fink dat I am turning da corner

and mommie says dat she hopes I keep up dis good work!!! After habing a weally bad weekend dis morning isn't too bad at all!! I didn't sweep weally good wast night, but I don't fink dat is was as much dat my weg hurt, but more just dat I am restless.

I hab to go back to da doctor dis week. I fink on Tuesday or Wednesday for my first checkup. I fink dat my doctor will be weally happy wiff my progress now!

Your friend,